Main menu of

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The header of can be seen as a main menu which enables a navigation to following eight subareas:

  1. MyDesktop
    Includes the personal pages 'MyProjects', 'MyPreferences', 'MyResults' and 'MyReviews'.
  2. Find
    Leads to 'Explore', 'Search' and 'History'.
  3. Showroom
    Leads to 'Showroom' where you can discover all kind of charts, visualize the tree used for coding, explore events in space & time - projected on a globe or in euclidian space or expore naural events curated by Nasa out of imagery in near real time.
  4. Find
    Check out results of other users or write something about the reults of your own project for other users or the public.
  5. About
  6. Translation
  7. Lungauge
  8. User Profile




This is very minimal "hello world" HTML document.

  1. Navigation menu
  2. Own projects
  3. Public projects of other users or projects which your are joining as member
  4. Configuration

Work in your project


This is very minimal "hello world" HTML document.

  1. Navigation menu
    Here you can navigate to project description, list the sources related to the listed events or add new sources to expand your source material.
  2. Filter menu
    By querying your events with text strings, you can filter the listed events or add other filter criteria from the submenu 'Add Searcg' for more sophisticated filter methods./br>
  3. List of events
    Here your have an overview of events according to your navigated project.


Start your own Project

Ideas for your own project

  • grandmothers diary
  • ship diaries
  • old newspapers
  • famous diaries of journies (Cook, Darwin, ...)
  • your own weather chronicle
  • bird watching
  • letters from grandfather (i.e. from first/second world war)
  • old photographies (pictures) outside - your wedding pictures
  • paintings or maps of glaciers
  • bills for water used in your garden
  • list of food prices
  • city chronicles nearby
  • work of local historians

Invite friends or relatives

Discover the Example Project

  • Find your projects and activate the subproject "Goethes Journey"
  • Change to the edit mode and see the sources of the book
  • Explore the quotes related to this issue and find out, which coded events exist already
  • Check if the coding of some quotes is right related to space, time and happening
  • Search for a quotes not yet coded and try to code them related to
    • Location
    • Time
    • Parameter
  • Find out how an additional quote (i.e. --TODO--) would be added
  • Find out how an additional source (i.e. another chapter of "Goethes Journey") would be added


Translate, suggest new, brackets, select on screen, select by range...


Search for text

Update Position

First of all, check out if the required location exist in Tambora already. If not, create a new location.

Use this button only for creating new and so far unexisting locations in Tambora.

Define the coordinates of a new location by

  • typing in latitude (left box) and longitude (right box) values or
  • moving the flag inside the map to the right position on top of the frame.

Choose suitable classes for the new location by using the dropdown menus of 'Select type', 'Select language' and optionally 'Select script'.


Please try to achieve the following tasks:

  • Search for hundred year floods in the area of Switzerland before 1700
  • Show temperature statistic for all data by day of the year
  • Find out how to register as new user (and register if you want to...)
  • Login as user (member: “indy” / password: “bullwhip”)
  • Watch your profile
  • Logout your session